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Is The Chosen Vape Really The Best?

best dry herb

“Perfection is what Chosen Vapes strives for in each and every one of their vaporizers. From the battery to the mouthpiece, Chosen Vapes have found perfection.”

First off, YES you can load dry herb into the bowl of the Chosen. The atomizer also works with concentrates, so its got it all. But is there a better vape? Read my review to find out. This really is my new favorite vaporizer. It comes in a few different colors and has a battery gauge on the actual pen.

The company delivers their pen really quick, and has great customer service.

The first thing I noticed about my pen when I got it was the way it looked. It fits more comfortabley in my pocket than any other pen I have ever had, and the style is like no other. Plain colors are boring, the Chosen vape has a couple different styles, all of which look really cool.

You also do not need to change atomizers when you switch back and forth from dry herb to concentrates, which I have never seen.

Just load whatever you are vaping into the bowl and you are ready to go. No torch or tool needed.

After you load whatever you are vaping and have charged your vaporizer, just need an hour or two, you are ready to hit it.

Press the button 5 times in order to turn it on and then hold down the button in order to heat up the atomizer.


Hold down the button for 2 or 3 seconds before you start hitting it, it works 100 times better that way!

Great battery life, dependable design, and large bowl make for a great vaporizer.

You want this pen if you smoke on the go! No lighter, no smell, no upkeep. This pen seriously changed the way I look at vaping.

You can buy one at http://www.chosenvapes.com/ but don’t forget to use our special coupon code “BVR” to get an amazing discount! Stay vaped!

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