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The Craft Portable Vaporizer

Craft Portable Vaporizer

The Craft is a e-liquid or juice portable vaporizer. I mainly vape concentrates and dry herb, but I actually really like this one. If you like vaping e-liquids read my full Craft Vaporizer review.

Craft The Craft is a portable e-liquid vaporizer. If you enjoy vaping liquids, there is not much better than the Craft.

To load your Craft’s tank just unscrew the bottom and load your juice inside, making sure not to get any liquid into the center piece.

Once your Craft is loaded just press the button 5 times to turn your vape pen on, and then hold down the button to heat up your atomizer. Breath in slowly through the mouth piece and enjoy the results.

There are literally thousands of different flavors of liquids but at Craftvapery.com you can choose the flavors you like most and have them delivered straight to your door. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “BVR” for a special discount.

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