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The Vap-o-nator is an awesome dry herb vaporizer. But why?

vaponator dry herb

I am definitely a fan of this dry herb portable vaporizer for many reasons. It hits well, last all day, and takes the harmful effects of smoking out of the equation.

If you are looking for a great dry herb vape read my personal Vap-o-nator review.

The Vap-o-nator is a light weight, use to use vaporizer.

To turn it on simply press the button 5 times, and two lights come on. One light will be either red or green, these colors signify whether or not your vape has reached the desired temperature. And the other smaller button will either be blue “420 degrees”, Green “380 degrees”, and Red “360 degrees” I usually set mine to 420 degrees.

Break up whatever you are vaping very well before taking on the top mouth piece and loading your dry herb. When the temperature lights turns the color you like to vape, and the other button turns green just breath in SLOWLY through the mouth piece. Enjoy the results!

Unlike some vape pens that just burn your dry herb, the Vap-o-nator is an actual vaporizer making this the most healthy way to vape.

To clean simply use the brush to clear out the bowl after your dry herb starts to turn a brown color. No alcohol or water needed.

This is definitely a great dry herb portable vaporizer if you do not mind waiting 90 seconds for your herbs to heat up. It is a little expensive but it comes with a warranty which is really cool.


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