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The Omicron Vaporizer Will Make You A Believer

The Omicron Vaporizer

Why is it so hard to find a vape pen with a large enough cartridge to vape out of all day? You might not have ever seen a vaporizer like this before, but the Omicron will change the way you look at vaping.

Omicron Vaporizer Review

So when I first got the Omicron I was truly kind of skeptic because I have never owned anything like this before and I didn’t really know how it worked.
I really was nervous to load it because my friend had a vape pen that was much easier to load, and this just seemed more complicated. However, it really is very easy to do. Takes 10 seconds and is impossible to mess it up.
Instead of just loading your extract right into the atomizer you actually have to load it into a separate “fill tool” and heat that up with a lighter which turns whatever you are vaping into a liquid and falls rightinto the cartridge, unlike say a Silver Surfer
Once you have loaded your Omicron, which does only take oils/wax, all you need to do is press the button 5 times to turn it on and hold down the button and slowly hit from the mouthpiece. EASY!
Cleaning it is actually kind of awesome as well. All you do is hold the Omicron upside down and heat up the side of the cartridge with a lighter and all the old gunk slowly drains out and your vape pen is good as new!
Once loaded there is no vape pen that beats the Omicron in cartridge size, portability, and charge length. I SMOKE MY OMICRON FOR DAYS ON END WITHOUT NEEDING TO RELOAD IT OR RECHARGE IT!

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