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Want a great E-liquid/Concentrate vaporizer? Check out our K100 review!

K100 vaporizer

Vaporizers are everywhere! The K100 is a concentrate and juice vaporizer. If this sounds like something you might like read on! I am really happy with mine, I will explain why.

I just randomly stumbled upon the K100 and decided to get it. I am really starting to like these E-liquids or juices, and I of course vape concentrates almost everyday.

Besides the fact that the K100 just looks cool, it works really great as well. After charging the batteries its time to load your vape.

To load the concentrate atomizer just load whatever you are vaping right onto the coil. Unscrew the top of the juice atomizer are fill up to top with juice, just do not get any in the center piece.

Loading both atomizers of the K100 is so easy, and the clouds are huge! Unbeatable in my opinion.

To clean your juice atomizer I suggest a q tip and rubbing alcohol. To clean the concentrate atomizer I have learned to heat up the vape and hold it upside down. All that extra unwanted gunk will just pour right out, easy at that!

My new favorite. Easy to use, easy to load, NO SMELL, and insanely affordable. Only $65!!!

If you would like to buy one there is a link below to where I got mine. Use the coupon code “Baked” for an amazing discount! Stay vaped!

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