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best dry herb

“Perfection is what Chosen Vapes strives for in each and every one of their vaporizers. From the battery to the mouthpiece, Chosen Vapes have found perfection.”

First off, YES you can load dry herb into the bowl of the Chosen. The atomizer also works with concentrates, so its got it all. But is there a better vape? Read my review to find out. This really is my new favorite vaporizer. It comes in a few different colors and has a battery gauge on the actual pen.

The company delivers their pen really quick, and has great customer service.

The first thing I noticed about my pen when I got it was the way it looked. It fits more comfortabley in my pocket than any other pen I have ever had, and the style is like no other. Plain colors are boring, the Chosen vape has a couple different styles, all of which look really cool.

You also do not need to change atomizers when you switch back and forth from dry herb to concentrates, which I have never seen.

Just load whatever you are vaping into the bowl and you are ready to go. No torch or tool needed.

After you load whatever you are vaping and have charged your vaporizer, just need an hour or two, you are ready to hit it.

Press the button 5 times in order to turn it on and then hold down the button in order to heat up the atomizer.


Hold down the button for 2 or 3 seconds before you start hitting it, it works 100 times better that way!

Great battery life, dependable design, and large bowl make for a great vaporizer.

You want this pen if you smoke on the go! No lighter, no smell, no upkeep. This pen seriously changed the way I look at vaping.

You can buy one at http://www.chosenvapes.com/ but don’t forget to use our special coupon code “BVR” to get an amazing discount! Stay vaped!…

Craft Portable Vaporizer

The Craft is a e-liquid or juice portable vaporizer. I mainly vape concentrates and dry herb, but I actually really like this one. If you like vaping e-liquids read my full Craft Vaporizer review.

Craft The Craft is a portable e-liquid vaporizer. If you enjoy vaping liquids, there is not much better than the Craft.

To load your Craft’s tank just unscrew the bottom and load your juice inside, making sure not to get any liquid into the center piece.

Once your Craft is loaded just press the button 5 times to turn your vape pen on, and then hold down the button to heat up your atomizer. Breath in slowly through the mouth piece and enjoy the results.

There are literally thousands of different flavors of liquids but at Craftvapery.com you can choose the flavors you like most and have them delivered straight to your door. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “BVR” for a special discount.…

vaponator dry herb

I am definitely a fan of this dry herb portable vaporizer for many reasons. It hits well, last all day, and takes the harmful effects of smoking out of the equation.

If you are looking for a great dry herb vape read my personal Vap-o-nator review.

The Vap-o-nator is a light weight, use to use vaporizer.

To turn it on simply press the button 5 times, and two lights come on. One light will be either red or green, these colors signify whether or not your vape has reached the desired temperature. And the other smaller button will either be blue “420 degrees”, Green “380 degrees”, and Red “360 degrees” I usually set mine to 420 degrees.

Break up whatever you are vaping very well before taking on the top mouth piece and loading your dry herb. When the temperature lights turns the color you like to vape, and the other button turns green just breath in SLOWLY through the mouth piece. Enjoy the results!

Unlike some vape pens that just burn your dry herb, the Vap-o-nator is an actual vaporizer making this the most healthy way to vape.

To clean simply use the brush to clear out the bowl after your dry herb starts to turn a brown color. No alcohol or water needed.

This is definitely a great dry herb portable vaporizer if you do not mind waiting 90 seconds for your herbs to heat up. It is a little expensive but it comes with a warranty which is really cool.


The Omicron Vaporizer

Why is it so hard to find a vape pen with a large enough cartridge to vape out of all day? You might not have ever seen a vaporizer like this before, but the Omicron will change the way you look at vaping.

Omicron Vaporizer Review

So when I first got the Omicron I was truly kind of skeptic because I have never owned anything like this before and I didn’t really know how it worked.
I really was nervous to load it because my friend had a vape pen that was much easier to load, and this just seemed more complicated. However, it really is very easy to do. Takes 10 seconds and is impossible to mess it up.
Instead of just loading your extract right into the atomizer you actually have to load it into a separate “fill tool” and heat that up with a lighter which turns whatever you are vaping into a liquid and falls rightinto the cartridge, unlike say a Silver Surfer
Once you have loaded your Omicron, which does only take oils/wax, all you need to do is press the button 5 times to turn it on and hold down the button and slowly hit from the mouthpiece. EASY!
Cleaning it is actually kind of awesome as well. All you do is hold the Omicron upside down and heat up the side of the cartridge with a lighter and all the old gunk slowly drains out and your vape pen is good as new!
Once loaded there is no vape pen that beats the Omicron in cartridge size, portability, and charge length. I SMOKE MY OMICRON FOR DAYS ON END WITHOUT NEEDING TO RELOAD IT OR RECHARGE IT!…

tao vaporizer

Hello guys, I randomly stumbled across the Tao but now I really enjoy it. If you vape concentrates or e-liquids this is a very dependable and quality pen.
Read on to learn exactly why I say this.

The Tao is far from a popular vape pen, but I can’t figure out why. It hits well, and it’s as easy as it gets to load.
To load your Tao all you have to do is load about 1/4 of a gram of concentrate right onto the coil and you ready to vape. Just put the cap back on, press the button 5 times to turn it on, hold down the button to heat up whatever you’re vaping and breath in slowly through the mouth piece.
There are many benefits to vaping over smoking. Vaping anything is much healthier, easier, and cost much less. Vapes are literally saving millions of lives, and the Tao is a great one to start with.
I have looked all over and gotvape really does have the best priced Tao available. I seriously recommend this vape pen to everyone! Try it out, there is a link below.…

K100 vaporizer

Vaporizers are everywhere! The K100 is a concentrate and juice vaporizer. If this sounds like something you might like read on! I am really happy with mine, I will explain why.

I just randomly stumbled upon the K100 and decided to get it. I am really starting to like these E-liquids or juices, and I of course vape concentrates almost everyday.

Besides the fact that the K100 just looks cool, it works really great as well. After charging the batteries its time to load your vape.

To load the concentrate atomizer just load whatever you are vaping right onto the coil. Unscrew the top of the juice atomizer are fill up to top with juice, just do not get any in the center piece.

Loading both atomizers of the K100 is so easy, and the clouds are huge! Unbeatable in my opinion.

To clean your juice atomizer I suggest a q tip and rubbing alcohol. To clean the concentrate atomizer I have learned to heat up the vape and hold it upside down. All that extra unwanted gunk will just pour right out, easy at that!

My new favorite. Easy to use, easy to load, NO SMELL, and insanely affordable. Only $65!!!

If you would like to buy one there is a link below to where I got mine. Use the coupon code “Baked” for an amazing discount! Stay vaped!…

silver vaporizer

The Silver Surfer revolutionizes the way we look at smoking. Load oil, concentrates, or YES even DRY HERBS!

Read my Silver Surfer review to learn why everyone is talking about this vape pen.

The VIP comes with everything you need to start vaping, however, you do need to buy a screen if you are going to be vaping actual dry herb.

When you are going to load your Silver Surfer all you have to do is put what ever you are vaping into the bowl, and turn it on. Easy as that.

Besides the fact that it is insanely easy to load, it is also very portable. Some vape pens are awkwardly shaped, or too big, but the VIP is about the size of a regular ink pen and fits fine in any pocket or purse.

The VIP is a lot like most vape pens you will see. You have a usb charger, the charge will cause the atomizer to heat up and turn whatever you loaded into the bowl, which can be herb or wax/oil, into vapor.

Pressing the button 5 times quickly turns it off and on and holding the button down heats up the atomizer.

Once whatever you are vaping turns into vapor all you have to do is inhale through the mouth piece slowly, and enjoy the results.

Vaporizers are the future of smoking and the VIP is a great choice if you do not want to miss out on all the hype. Its a very easy to use, easy to load, portable vape pen.

There is a link below to where I bought mine if you are ready to buy one now. Stay Vaped!

Buy The Silver Surfer Vaporizer Now for $79.99

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